NBC's 'Superstore"

If you are a co-star on Superstore, most likely...some type of customer. I play an angry customer being accosted by beyond talented Baron Vaughn (a sereies regular on Netflix's Grace & Frankie"). A fun set where you get to improv on every take - it was a fantastic day of shooting!


  • Superstore (NBC)
  • 1600 Penn (CBS)
  • Roommates (ABC)
  • ER (NBC)
  • Yes, Dear (CBS)
  • Teen Angel (ABC-Recurring Guest)


  • Ocean's 13
  • Brian, Gina and Nick
  • Mafia Movie Madness
  • Lured Innocence

    Improv and Theatre

  • The Jam @ Improv Underground
  • Children of an Even Lesser God
  • Liberty Injustice (dir. Anthony Barnao)
  • Marsha, Masha, Marsha
  • Bank, Bang, You're Dead